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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Teaching Career at ADWC?

Last year the paragraphs below appeared on Dave's ESL Cafe. Now, almost 12 months later, things have got much worse at ADWC. This blog will attempt to expose to to public view the abysmal current working situation at the place known as Abu Dhabi Wankers Camp ... erm, sorry - Abu Dhabi Women's College!


Fancy a job at ADWC? Then you'd better read this first!

ADWC has faced several challenges in recent years regarding its ability to retain quality teaching staff. Many teachers have left after serving for just one contract (three years) or less, and at some periods, staff turnover has been more than 25% per year, even higher amongst supervisory and middle management staff.

This problem has typically been attributed to low salaries, poor senior management, and worsening college conditions. For example, several teachers have found that their contracts are not renewed after negative assessments from the students, irrespective of whether the students have passed their courses with good grades.

Moreover, the management's insistence on pandering to students' whims, and replacing education with 'edutainment', means that internal morale remains low at ADWC, despite heavy external promotion from the recently established Marketing and Public Relations Departments.


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