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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Teaching Career at ADWC?

Last year the paragraphs below appeared on Dave's ESL Cafe. Now, almost 12 months later, things have got much worse at ADWC. This blog will attempt to expose to to public view the abysmal current working situation at the place known as Abu Dhabi Wankers Camp ... erm, sorry - Abu Dhabi Women's College!


Fancy a job at ADWC? Then you'd better read this first!

ADWC has faced several challenges in recent years regarding its ability to retain quality teaching staff. Many teachers have left after serving for just one contract (three years) or less, and at some periods, staff turnover has been more than 25% per year, even higher amongst supervisory and middle management staff.

This problem has typically been attributed to low salaries, poor senior management, and worsening college conditions. For example, several teachers have found that their contracts are not renewed after negative assessments from the students, irrespective of whether the students have passed their courses with good grades.

Moreover, the management's insistence on pandering to students' whims, and replacing education with 'edutainment', means that internal morale remains low at ADWC, despite heavy external promotion from the recently established Marketing and Public Relations Departments.


So, keep your eyes on these blog pages for further news!


SS said...

The place looks great. Where can I sign up?

Anonymous said...

It looks like there are plenty of decent jobs on offer at this year's TESOL Arabia conference in Dubai, so nobody really needs to accept an 'offer' from HTC to work at ADWC.

In fact, taking that 'offer' could well be a big mistake - more like accepting an invitation to enter the spider's web, and then getting a severe mauling from the incompetent and spiteful eight-legged 'managers' of ADWC.

Take care - do you really want to move your family several thousand miles across continents, just to work in a college that is mismanaged on such a grand scale?

Do you really look forward to the chance of suffering the indignity of getting fired for no real reason other than you upset one of the arrogant and dismissive Adwc management wankers?

Would any proper teacher relish the chance of coming to work in a college where so many people have requested transfers that the management have blocked all further moves to other HCT branches? And at a time when so many keen and experienced teachers are falling over themselves to offer their resignation?!

Think about it hard. It's an easy thing to accept the offer, but once you're on board there's no way out unless you get pushed! Would any sane person board a flight on those conditions?!

Anonymous said...

I interviewed for HCT at the conference, but I haven't heard anything yet. I think I'll give this place a miss though, if they make an offer!

Anonymous said...

They only interviewed 12 people at TESOL Arabia.

They had 4 people there interviewing folks for like 8 listings positions (like 6 bachelors of ed positions and then all of the ESL positions they will need)... but only interviewed 12 people.

Anonymous said...

12 people? As many as that?! I can't believe there are that many goons in the UAE who don't know what an awful place ADWC has become.

But now that HCT has taken over UGRU's ESL provision, maybe there'll be sending a few suckers from there to work at Stalag 41012.

Anonymous said...

No chance. They're all off to Qatar!

John Locke said...

And now it seems that the MEn's College is muscling in to the territory of 'Crap Colleges to Avoid Syndrome'.

Have a look here for how the director of the place treats his staff with disrespect:

Poodle Pelham said...

It looks like those paragraphs above, which appeared on HCT's entry on Wiki, have been deleted. In fact, the whole HCT entry has been 'locked' at the college's request after having those truthful bits removed.

No surprise, eh?

Anonymous said...

I arrived during Ramadan, 2010. Orginally enthusiatic about being a "lecturer" at a "tertiary" level "college," I requested to arrive earlier because I knew that I'd have to move into a new flat and purchase and have delivered and assembled new furniture. Additionally, I wanted to look over the textbooks, get familiar and be fresh and relaxed when the semester began. To my request(Children first!, right?), ADWC human resources emailed me, "Why?" As it turned out, I had to sleep on the tiled floor of my flat for 10 days before my furniture arrived. It was Ramadan; people work on a half-day schedule and are fasting. I don't blame Ramadan. It's hard to get much done after December 15th in the West. I do blame ADWC management; I came to opine that they don't care much about students, "lecturers" or education. What was at stake is that ADWC mangement's summer holidays could not be disturbed. That's fine, too, but later, in front of their "lecturing" staff, ADWC management should not pretend that they care about anyone, or anything, except their large salaries.

Poodle Pelham said...

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on 'teaching' at ADWC soon!

Anonymous said...

We're still waiting, 'Poops'!