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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No surprise there, then ...

If you were the director of a college and you had an award-winning teacher working for you, would you be prepared to just let him hand in his notice and walk out after a couple of years?

If this teacher was running six or seven world-famous websites, and had offered to make his college "a website with gazillions of lessons for Arab and Muslim learners worldwide", would you be happy to just let him walk away?

And if this teacher had a stellar reputation and wide influence amongst his fellows in the global teaching community, would you claim indifference if he had NOTHING good to say about your college?

Well, if you work for ADWC, that answer just has to be ... YES

Goodbye, Sean, author of and a handful of other famous and well-loved sites for EFL teachers and students. You are far too talented and honest to ever be able to prosper at HCT!