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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better places to go...

Well, it now appears that Emirati students themselves have realised what a shitehole HCT has become in Abu Dhabi, and are now avoiding the place like the proverbial camel-shit sandwich.

A recent edition of The National lays bare the unfortunate truth for the HCT Provost, Mark Drummond (pictured alongside), that virtually ALL of the country's Universities are receiving more applications than HCT.

Overall, the HCT colleges have received about a thousand fewer applications than at this time last year, which is something like a 15 % drop. However, in AD the situation is MUCH worse. As the newspaper reports, "The biggest drops were seen at the HCT colleges in Abu Dhabi, where the number of applications fell by 27 per cent, and in Madinat Zayed [Abu dhabi region], where they dropped 45 per cent."

But Mark Drummond appears to be putting a brave face on things, claiming that it's all due to technology - "the decline could be attributed to this year's switch to online applications, which have allowed figures to be compiled earlier than in previous years."

Or not. Because the returns from other institutes in Abu Dhabi indicate an increase, as many Emiratis are now turning to the newer universities, such as Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi University.

According to a more informed observer, these two places are "really gaining ground with Emiratis." In contrast, the HCT Goliath seems to be running out of ground.

Quo Vadis, King Tubby?