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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Those Poll Results!

Well, I'm more than happy to finally reveal the results of the 'Who's the biggest management wanker at ADWC?' poll, a popular venture which received a mighty 213 votes. The barchart below clearly shows that the most despised HCT Goon at ADWC is, without doubt, 'Doctor' Christine Luscombe-Whyte, a.k.a. 'The Claw'. This grisly specimen of HCT control-freakery managed to attract 37% of the votes cast, no doubt for her despicable management techniques and general all-round dislikeability. Well done, Chrissy-babes!

Following up some way behind, but still with 23% of support, was the bloated management entity known as 'Miss Piggy'. No doubt she'll be popping an extra cream donut between her large yellowing teeth in celebration - or will she be disappointed at missing out on the number one berth?! Sna-a-a-rllll!!!

Next is the fearsome faggot 'Dimbo', who could have pipped Miss Piggy for the number two slot, had his clutch of female followers voted in sufficient quantities. Must try harder next time, eh, Dimbo? And learn how to do your job properly, rather than bitching like the ageing bum-bandit you are!

The back marker appears to be the unfortunate Rula Al-Kayyali, also known as 'The Ruler', or more aptly 'The Vulture'. This shining example of quality Middle East management garnered a mere 8% of the votes, and appears to have dropped off the ADWC radar recently, so perhaps her masters have taken note of her lack of ability and removed her to a more suitable post - selling stationery in the ADWC shop?

Anyway, thanks to all of those long-suffering rank-and-filers who voted, and I hope that you are happy with the findings. Meanwhile, does anybody have a suggestion for the next ADWC poll?!