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Friday, June 29, 2012

An End to it All

Poodle Pelham has decided to abandon the blogosphere and concentrate on more terrestrial activities, such as gardening and building up his new international removals business (true!). So this blog will feature no more updates, although it will remain suspended here in cyberspace, as an endearing testimonial to ADWC. To remove these postings would be a crime to education, I'm sure you'll agree.

Over the past few years I have enjoyed depositing my tasty morsels of turd-like toxicity, revealing the numerous scandals, corruption, and typically obnoxious bullying that personifies the ADWC management. However, life needs to roll on forward, in a different place and at a different pace, so 'Poops' here has decided to drop no more anal cup-cakes on these well-visited and highly respected pages. It's all over - woof-woof!

Of course, if any of my followers (past, present, or future) have any exciting stories to tell about ADWC, please pass them on to my better-educated and more dedicated colleague, Suede Oasis. I'm sure that you all know where to find him, but just give a little click here if you don't.

So, it's a fond farewell, and thanks for all the pork. Sorry, I mean fish, of course!