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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Vulture!

This nasty little boss-eyed charlatan has been revealed as the driving force behind last semester's summary dismissals (sackings) of ADWC teachers, in which valuable staff members who had been working for many years at the college were humiliatingly escorted off the premises. In fact, no less than SIX ADWC teachers have been fired over the past year, and all for 'misdemeanours' that warranted no more than a formal written warning in every case.

The fact has emerged that the Associate Dean of ADWC, Rula ('The Ruler') al Kayyali, was behind the sackings - which is no surprise at all. She was moved away from her previous post at ADMC because of her inability to work with her colleagues and her failure to perform at a suitably professional level. Now it seems that she is once again revealing her true vindictive and spiteful nature, this time at ADWC, by choosing to end the careers of well-respected and talented teachers. Hence the nickname of 'The Vulture' - she waits for her prey to expose or injure itself, and then pounces.

The pattern seems to be clear here - that clearly incompetent and unprofessional HCT senior managers are very keen to get rid of those staff who (a) they perceive as more popular than them, and (b) make a single step out of line. The fact that the supervisors of those teachers who were sacked did nothing to protect them also points out the well-known fact that, at HCT, the supine approach to management is the one that works best.

Another thing to point out is that her academic qualifications are invalid. It's common knowledge at ADWC that she paid somebody to write her Masters dissertation, and this is borne out by her weak grasp of English and her general lack of subject knowledge. In fact, it's an embarassment for ADWC to have such a talentless fraudster around, but they can't dismiss her due to her high-level contacts both inside and outside the HCT organisation. So 'The Ruler' relies on wasta to keep her afloat - what a surprise!

And so the show rumbles on . . . and on . . . and on!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Asshole Management - An Overview

There's a slide show available that appears to have been tailor-made for the asshole managers at ADWC. You'll probably want to check out the link below at some time, but I'll provide a brief overview for those of you whose actions are being checked by the ADWC management wankers at this very moment.



The slide show refers to 'twelve everyday actions that assholes use to get their dirty work done,' and I'm sure every single one of them has been used by the ADWC management wankers at one time or another. Have a look at these wonderful ways of motivating teachers...

* personal insults
* invading one's physical space / personal territory
* verbal intimidation
* non-verbal threats
* sarcastic 'jokes'
* teasing to insult
* withering e-mail criticism
* status slaps as humiliation
* public shamimg and degradation
* rude interruptions
* dirty looks
* treating others as if they're invisible

I don't think there's a single teacher at ADWC who has NOT been treated to at least one of the above forms of asshole management techniques at some time. I can certainly recall Dimbo, Miss Biggy and The Ruler resorting to several of these at once to make their point and defend their ridiculous decisions - and to hide their own personal and professional inadequacies, of course.

Slide eight of the presentation sums up much of the negative results of asshole bosses quite clearly.....

"The effects of assholes are so devastating because they sap people of their energy and self-esteem, mostly throught the accumulated effects of small demeaning acts, not so much through large dramatic episodes."

"Tiny indignities take their toll and add up as we go along our weekdays. They have cumulative effects on our mental health, and our commitments to our bosses, peers, and the organizations we work for."

So what's the tangible result of all the above mismanagement? Well, we need only look at ADWC itself, where we can see the following ... increased absenteeism and staff turnover, a steadily decreasing commitment to the job, and of course a deteriorating performance. And much more.

And as the slide-show advises us - "A hallmark of teams and organizations led by assholes is that they are riddled with fear, loathing, and retaliation."

So, full marks to the ADWC management wankers .... sorry, assholes! You're so good at your jobs!!