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Saturday, June 11, 2011

'The Claw' scratches deeper and deeper into the mire...

Lately there have been rumours about rumours regarding the imminent departure of ADWC’s ‘new’ Director, Dr Kathleen Hodge. Well, it all appears to be final now, and quite inevitable, given her academic qualifications, her past experience, and her integrity – much too good for HCT!

Of course, behind all the recent shenanigans there lurks the evil shadow of The Claw (pictured with her trademark sickly smile alongside), who has been busy at work undermining the sound and principled work of Dr Hodge. For example, several English teachers were recently ‘asked’ by The Claw (a.k.a 'Doctor' Christine Luscombe-Whyte) to switch departments to fill the gaps caused by HCT’s inability to recruit staff to teach IT and business, for example.

Now, this is most irregular, as faculty appointments are usually made based on a candidate’s qualifications in their respective area of specialisation. Indeed, it’s essential to have properly qualified staff for accreditation purposes.

Amazingly, it has since emerged that this open manipulation of staff has been carried out by The Claw entirely without the approval of the College Director. In fact, several teachers have reported being given the choice of either ‘agreeing’ to change departments, or finding alternative employment elsewhere. Such sparkling management and motivation techniques are the trademark of much-despised management goon known as The Claw, of course!

Inevitably, such abysmal treatment of the college’s most valuable resource – its teachers - will only lead to a bad situation becoming even worse. Resignations have been predicted to follow shortly ... and not just the ADWC Director’s!

And where will all this leave ADWC? Already unable to recruit enough teaching staff of sufficient calibre, it will now be reduced to scraping the barrel and forcing even more square pegs into round holes. The next academic year should therefore be a critical one for the college, and only a complete change in management can avoid the total meltdown of the place.