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Sunday, March 13, 2011

ADWC - "a broken institution"

The item below appeared as a comment on a certain other blog last week. As it clearly pertains to Gulag 41012, otherwise known as ADWC, I have taken the liberty of appropriating it for these pages (and editing it ever so slightly). I do hope that the exceedingly well-dressed gentleman of the dunes pictured alongside, otherwise known as Dr Tayeb al-Kamali (who enjoys an extra-curricular role as stand-in for Inspector Poirrot) will actually sit up and take note of the way he is mismanaging the entire situation.

I don't know if this has ever been reported, but in Spring 2010, ADWC pressured 2 of the best teachers in the system, from the Applied Comm. department, to quit because of failing a student (deservedly).

The student, with major WASTA went on Arab radio and publicly accused the first teacher, named Cordula P., of prejudice, unfair treatment, cultural insensitivity, etc - you name it. The student was completely in the wrong, but of course that didn't matter.

The 2nd teacher, Andrew, went through the exact same garbage from this student. The teachers were ordered immediately out of the country until someone pointed out to TK that there was nobody to teach their classes. So they remained until the end of the semester before leaving.

I'm not sure about Cordula, but Andrew remained on the payroll until the end of Fall semester 2010/11 because he knew something potentially damaging and they wanted to keep him quiet.

The fallout from this mess continues, as Cordula in particular was nothing short of being the much-loved cornerstone of the whole Applied Comm. division. Several key Applied Comm. teachers have subsequently quit, not just at ADWC, but at other colleges as a direct result of this incident.

ADWC's Applied Comm. department was especially decimated by mass resignations last semester to the point that the programs can't be taught because they only had two faculty members left.

ADWC is a broken institution and a good example of the rot of the whole of HCT.

The above story is nothing abnormal in the history of HCT under King Tubby's dozy 'leadership'. He is quite happy to allow perfectly good teachers be humiliated by unethical students and then disposed of by the equally unethical management. It's almost become accepted practice there now.

A further example of TK's idiotic running of the place happened several years ago, when many IT teachers were not renewed because they had no Masters degrees. Quite why he had decided that teachers of typing needed MAs was never clearly articulated by the ADWC management, which is no surprise at all, seeing as anybody who is even remotely articulate would not ever want to be part of the HCT management Goon Squad.

The consequence of the above 'executive decision' was similar to that mentioned above - not enough staff to teach IT. As a result, an e-mail came round ADWC asking if there was anybody who would like to do a bit of overtime ... teaching IT!

So a situation in which IT had been successfully taught for many years by a knowledgeable team of experienced IT faculty members was transformed into one where it was a merely 'delivered' ... by inexperienced amateurs from the English department! In short, it was another glorious triumph for ADWC and their efforts to bring quality learning to the pampered young ladies of Abu Dhabi.

So, well done, King Tubby - your HCT legacy is really standing up straight ... as straight as your tie!