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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Tales from the HCT Management handbook

Here's another warning for those unfortunate teachers who are still having to work at ADWC. It's a recent arrival from Kuwait!


It’s taken some time for me to gather the energy and inclination to write this but I feel that the cruel nature of The Claw (Chris Luscombe - Whyte) is amply illustrated by this story from back in the days when she worked at a previous HCT outpost. Basically I was one of three teachers who were sacked by The Claw on the flimsiest of pretexts. However we were soon reinstated upon appeal by a certain trustworthy and honourable individual whose name I’ll not mention (mainly because The Claw never found out about this side of the story and she might still find it in her wicked self to devise a suitably mean and inhuman form of retribution for this person who still works for HCT).

One afternoon the three of us teachers were sat in the Faculty lounge when one of the Admin minions entered the room and informed us that we were needed by The Claw immediately in her office. To make sure we didn’t dawdle we were escorted to the office by a security guard who just happened to be around. In The Claw’s office we were told that a certain matter had been brought to her attention and that we would have to leave the college premises after clearing our desks (half an hour was given for this task). Apparently we had all been involved in unprofessional behaviour on the previous day’s field trip which had involved certain female students and we were thus guilty of gross misconduct.

Of course the truth was nothing like this and the allegations were totally baseless. But The Claw refused to listen to us and had clearly already decided that we were to be dismissed without even hearing our version of events. As the college director was away on business we had no choice but to duly clear our desks and were escorted off the premises – an entirely humiliating experience for all three of us.

Fortunately one of us had a decent connection (read wasta) with one of the locals and we were able to see him that very night and explain the situation. In fact he knew one of the families involved in the so-called incident and was able to verify the real facts immediately. In turn he was able to inform his HCT contact of the matter and we were assured that everything would be resolved the following day. And indeed the next day we were called back to work by the college. No apology was offered to us and we were made to feel that we were lucky to keep our jobs. The Claw never even offered a word to defend her gross and unprofessional behaviour and in fact shunned us all from that moment on. The director made no subsequent reference to the revoked dismissals either.

I’m glad that all of us three teachers are sufficiently distant from HCT and the evil influence of The Claw to be able to make this story public now. In fact I’m sure there are many similar stories to be told about HCT and The Claw. For those who have to work with (or rather against) her, I offer my sympathies – but remember, things will only get better once you are outside the reach of such unprincipled dogs..