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Monday, April 5, 2010

Asshole Management - An Overview

There's a slide show available that appears to have been tailor-made for the asshole managers at ADWC. You'll probably want to check out the link below at some time, but I'll provide a brief overview for those of you whose actions are being checked by the ADWC management wankers at this very moment.



The slide show refers to 'twelve everyday actions that assholes use to get their dirty work done,' and I'm sure every single one of them has been used by the ADWC management wankers at one time or another. Have a look at these wonderful ways of motivating teachers...

* personal insults
* invading one's physical space / personal territory
* verbal intimidation
* non-verbal threats
* sarcastic 'jokes'
* teasing to insult
* withering e-mail criticism
* status slaps as humiliation
* public shamimg and degradation
* rude interruptions
* dirty looks
* treating others as if they're invisible

I don't think there's a single teacher at ADWC who has NOT been treated to at least one of the above forms of asshole management techniques at some time. I can certainly recall Dimbo, Miss Biggy and The Ruler resorting to several of these at once to make their point and defend their ridiculous decisions - and to hide their own personal and professional inadequacies, of course.

Slide eight of the presentation sums up much of the negative results of asshole bosses quite clearly.....

"The effects of assholes are so devastating because they sap people of their energy and self-esteem, mostly throught the accumulated effects of small demeaning acts, not so much through large dramatic episodes."

"Tiny indignities take their toll and add up as we go along our weekdays. They have cumulative effects on our mental health, and our commitments to our bosses, peers, and the organizations we work for."

So what's the tangible result of all the above mismanagement? Well, we need only look at ADWC itself, where we can see the following ... increased absenteeism and staff turnover, a steadily decreasing commitment to the job, and of course a deteriorating performance. And much more.

And as the slide-show advises us - "A hallmark of teams and organizations led by assholes is that they are riddled with fear, loathing, and retaliation."

So, full marks to the ADWC management wankers .... sorry, assholes! You're so good at your jobs!!


Anonymous said...

Examples, please, not just accusations.

SecretSquirrel said...

The doors wide open for past and present ADWC teachers to put up their examples of the boorish and craven behaviour of their supervisers. Just use this comments section.

One example, quite well-known now, from Dimbo. After an observed lesson, he crows "Well, that was quite a good lesson ... for you".

Yes, very motivating, MATE!

Anonymous said...

We're all disappointed here in RAK - we were expecting The Claw to be featured in this blog-posting.

Tell us you're still making enquiries, and haven't chickened out, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Secret Squirel: "examples of boorish and craven behavior" - you mean, like hiding behind nicknames to publically bitch, whinge and slag off people on some blog, stuff you wouldn't dare say to their faces?

Anonymous said...

Like you just did, right?

Francis Drake said...

I think that both of the above comments are fair in some way, but what needs to be borne in mind here is that teachers in the HCT system have no rights or association to protect them, and if one of them DID say just what he or she thought to a manager's face, they'd be sacked immediately, probably for 'insubordination' or some such ridiculous charge.

The fact is that the Gulf is one of the areas where management can mismanage their staff with impunity and a lack of accountability. When it comes to giving out the shit, the HCT management and supervisors throw it downwards, safe in the knowledge that the teachers will do nothing, for fear of losing their jobs. That's not just an assertion, it's an acknowledged fact.

Take a look back at last semester at ADWC, when SO many good people were sacked for trifling reasons, ones that would never stand up in a civilized working community. For example, being given the push just for being related to somebody who has been dismissed - does that look like the mark of a sane manager?!?

In short, I feel that this blog is a valid tool in the struggle between managers and teachers at ADWC, given the absence of an effective grievance procedure and union or similar organization to monitor teachers' rights abuses. The style and approach might be a little excessive, but the substance is genuine, I feel.

Anonymous of 11.50 AM today said...

...responding to Anonymous of 2.15 PM today:

Actually, if I knew who the skulking authors of this blog really were, I'd gladly come over to their pods and call them "boorish and craven" to their faces.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you BULLY, you!

I guess it must be Dimbo, coming over all macho.....

Anonymous said...

Francis, your point about the need to address the imbalance of power is well taken. But so far I haven't read much here that could be printed by any mainstream media without fear of libel. What is this "substance" of which you speak?

'twelve everyday actions that assholes use to get their dirty work done said...

* personal insults

"Dimbo", "Miss Piggy", "The Claw", "The Vulture/Ruler" - check

* invading one's physical space / personal territory

“Hi! I'm the new Director at ADWC, and I'd like to share my experiences with you. Woof-woof!” - check

* verbal intimidation

“…I called the toffee-nosed cow Luscombe-Whyte today on the phone and asked for 'The Claw'. She had no idea who I was talking about - really.” - check

* sarcastic 'jokes'

“Poodle Pelham” - check

* teasing to insult

“loathsome old dragon”, “aged and overweight dumpling”, “finally waddled right off her cake-laden trolley” - check

* withering e-mail criticism

[actually more puerile than withering, but anyway…] - check

* status slaps as humiliation

“glories in the antiquated and hilarious double-barrelled monicker of…”, “aged and overweight dumpling…” - check

* public shamimg (sic) and degradation

“pompous arrogant poofter” - check

Hmmm, seems there are assholes in the ranks as well as in management...

Anonymous said...

Ah, it looks like the proverbial penny has dropped - well done ADWC ladies! So it's OK for the management to use such disreputable techniques, but when the lower orders fight back with the same ammo, they don't like it!

So strange that these wonderful managers should start moaning when things get on a more equal footing - very strange indeed!

Anonymous said...

Don't automatically assume only it's only members of the ADWC management that are unimpressed with your antics on this blog.

Captain Kydd said...

Hmm, I just reckon it proves the theory that asshole management produces an asshole labor force.

Brian the Snail said...

Yes indeed, 10.09 - there are plenty of brown-nosing teachers at ADWC, but we all know who they are.

Look at the facts = teachers' morale is rockbottom, the new Director's been given a push sideways, and another good teacher has been sacked after a contrived stitch-up by her students and absolutely no support from the management.

Reasons to be cheerful? I see none!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you're supporting this unfortunate teacher and others by taking a principled and professional stand to constructively redress their grievances by, sorry, what else are you doing to improve the situation, besides childish and immature name-calling on a blog? ( - don't think prank phone calls to the management really count, Mr Smiley).

Anonymous said...

More to the point, anon, what have you done to redress the poor teacher's grievances?`Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?

At least the author of this blog has highlighted another management abuse at this awful college - one that they would prefer not to be public knowledge. Clearly this was another case where a written warning would have been entirely suitable, but no - it had to be the chop!

Once again - what have you done to help out your colleagues? Or are you one of those 'craven management bastards' we read about here?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the problems above stem from a student deciding to air her unfounded grievances about a faculty member in public (on the radio)? Appalling behavior wasn't it? - I'm sure all of us would agree. But perhaps this impressionable but disgruntled young student saw the cheeky stunts some of her own ADW teachers are pulling here and thought this sort of conduct is acceptable - "after all, if my teachers are doing it..."?

Poodle Pelham said...

I'm not sure that the recording was aired on the radio - certainly I haven't heard that version of events.

Of course, if a member of staff is guilty of bad behaviour, then it should be dealt with. But from what I have heard, it was not a truly sackable offence - worthy of a reprimand, yes, but not an immediate dismissal.

However, your rather laboured point sems to hinge around mock surprise at a student blowing the whistle - exactly what we're all in favour of here!

And who gets punished when the whistle is blown hard and long - the whistle blower or the miscreant? Yes, it should clearly be the latter, but I suspect you would choose the former, in the case of this blog, dear Anon9.

In fact, your inability to truly appreciate the meaning of your own words marks you out as ... excellent management material for HCT!

Khalifa Exile said...

I think that the real 'lesson' to learn here is this: when the students turn nasty on a teacher, the management will always support the student - and then turn nasty on the teacher.

It's a very simple rule to remember!

But when the teachers turn nasty on the management - oh dear, naughty-naughty!! The management get all upset and try to victimise somebody ... don't they!

Anonymous said...

Oi, Poodle, speaking of libel - that teacher was not sacked. Not even reprimanded. Why? Because they did nothing wrong. So you blogging on about 'what you heard' that person 'did' being maybe worthy of reprimand is shite. The student involved was guilty of poppycock that would be illegal in other countries (secret recordings and other rubbish)was the one who should have been dismissed. I know for sure no one was dismissed In factthey were offered a promotion to keep happy and quiet. Check your facts before you hurt your colleagues.The teacher you are slandering resigned over the ethics of the situation. If you had balls mate, you'd do the same.

Brian the Snail said...

Complete rubbish, Anon (above), and you know it. The teacher was given the choice of resigning or facing the sack. Nice choice, huh?!

And what's this "they were offered a promotion to keep quiet"?!? Since when has HCT been in the business of offering promotion to teachers who are in the doghhouse?! And you know full well just how they keep them quiet - they sack them and pay them off!

As for the author of this blog resigning, I'm happy to inform you it's not possible to resign twice. You've missed the culprit already.

Oh, the irony! said...

Poodle Pelham: "Of course, if a member of staff is guilty of bad behaviour, then it should be dealt with."

What, you mean like hiding behind someone else's real name to author a poison pen blog, slagging off your place of employment and slandering your fellow employees? You're either a shameless hypocrite, Mr Poodle, or do you already have your cardboard box packed, ready for the day security appears at your pod to have you marched you off the campus...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brian the Snail, you are wrong and Anon May 2, 2010 1:33 PM has his/her facts straight.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of immature, bickering, backstabbing fools. I am so glad I had the foresight to get the hell out of TEFL in general and the Middle East in particular. You really are your own worst enemies and little wonder that your 'profession' is regarded with disdain by anyone with a real job.

Anonymous said...

What's your 'real job'? Moronic and arrogant comment - the only place I've found bickering and backstabbing among TEFL teachers is the UAE. It's fine anywhere else

Khaalife Exile said...

You're damned right, Anon:

"immature, bickering, backstabbing fools" ... "Moronic and arrogant".

You've summed up the ADWC management 'team' in half a dozen words - well done!

Anonymous said...

Just read the 'no-asshole-rule' slide show - that is Dmitri to a 't'!

Poodle Pelham said...

I just thought I'd let you know my site stats tell me that this particular posting is the most popular on this site - easily beating Miss Piggy and even The Claw!

Seems that I touched a raw nerve here . . .

Anonymous said...

Just to add my two-cents' worth, I found these few lines VERY appropriate for describing ADWC in particular and HCT in general:

Sustainable Leadership?

Some leaders impart energy and maximize potential. Good leaders add value.

Some leaders, by virtue of their personality and style consume energy. Even high performing organizations can be “run into the ground.”

Toxic leaders!

Some in leadership positions have a style that is so destructive that they not only do not add value, they are a detriment to their organizations.

Toxic Leadership Defined...

1. An apparent lack of concern for the well-being of subordinates.

2. A personality or interpersonal technique that negatively affects organizational climate.

3. A conviction by subordinates that the leader is motivated primarily by self-interest.

The 'Asshole' Test...

Test One: After talking to the alleged asshole, does the “target” feel oppressed, humiliated, de-energized, or belittled by the person? In particular, does the target feel worse about him or herself?

Test Two: Does the alleged asshole aim his or her venom at people who are less powerful rather than at those people who are more powerful?

HCT managers take note!!

Anonymous said...

Beware! Every occasion during which I had to meet with my ADWC management, I was alone and they were always two. One of management often took notes. To be fair, they emailed me the notes afterwards, at which time I could agree or disagee. Still, I recommend that if you have to meet ADWC management, you go with a trusted co-worker. It is very, very much a non-union environment.

Bonzer said...

Agreed. I had the same experience - an intimidatory and unannounced 'grilling' by two ADWC management stooges when ONE student complained about me.

According to the HCT handbook you are entitled to have a colleague present with you, but as these interrogations are not arranged in advance, it's difficult to find a colleague to accompany you.

And who would want to? Once your name is down as a 'troublemaker', your days are numbered, and there's a strong feeling of guilt by association.

No, there is NO notion of employees' rights at HCT, and in the Gulf in general. In fact, you're supposed to feel privileged to be working for the mighty asshole Sheikh in the first place, and you are supposed to be grateful (and express your gratitude) at all times!

Anonymous said...

Asshole Arabs. Never work for them again. Lying and cheating is their nature.